SDT 2018 | Diamonds and Pearls
Message from Janek Schergen

Singapore Dance Theatre began its professional journey thirty years ago with a debut performance in June 1988 at the Victoria Theatre! To establish the company was a very visionary moment for Goh Soo Khim and Anthony Then, the co-founding Artistic Directors of the company. The concept of SDT was always to keep one foot in our heritage and tradition of classical ballet, and to match it equally with venturing forward into the world of neoclassical and contemporary choreography to balance our performances onstage. As such, we are celebrating what we envision as our “Diamonds and Pearls” anniversary year, as we represent both traditional and modern aspects in our nature.

I’ve hoped for a long time to bring Giselle to The Esplanade’s stage. It has such a meaningful and profound place in the history of both ballet and SDT. We will bring it to our audiences with all its depth, dramatic intensity, and memorable character to begin our season on the right note. June will bring back our ballet for children, Peter & Blue’s Forest Adventure, to introduce young audiences to the joy of dance. In July, we present our international repertory season with our 30th Anniversary Gala season at the Esplanade Theatre, comprising of three ballets that showcase what is truly representative of our repertoire. Ballet Under the Stars in September will give us a special treat with a whole weekend devoted to ballets by Singaporean choreographer, Choo-San Goh. October welcomes our contemporary season, Passages, to the stage once again; it has become a cornerstone in our development as a dance company, and a forum to introduce some of the most beloved choreographers to the audiences. Our 30th Anniversary season will conclude at the Esplanade Theatre with the classical ballet masterpiece, Sleeping Beauty. It is considered to be an incomparable ballet in every measure, and we are proud that SDT possesses a production of such great authority and beauty.

One of the strongest parts of the mission of SDT has always been the development of new choreography, and to that end, we have premiered 28 world premieres and 18 company premieres in the last decade. Now it is time to reflect on these achievements, and bring back to our audiences all that is special in our extensive repertoire. At this momentous mark of our third decade, we have gained the skill and passion to bring our artistry to our audiences with the greatest of pleasure. The company was conceived to give our audiences memorable experiences and it continues till this day, with continues to be our heart and core mission. The spectacle and artistry of dance as an art form is there, timelessly, to create memories and enrich our lives.