SDT 2019 | Pride & Passion
Message from Janek Schergen

In 2018, at our 30th Anniversary season, Singapore Dance Theatre defined itself, in our identity, with the ballets we choose to present, our dancers and the quality we demonstrated onstage. We go forward to celebrate our 2019 season with the themes of Pride and Passion-pride in our history and passion for the future! The many changes that have taken place, since the establishment of SDT are what have comprised our history. The greatest things of value that we possess have been carried with us into the present to make them part of us as a professional organization as we stand today. The concept of SDT has always been to keep one aspect of the repertoire in our heritage, with the tradition of classical ballet, and to match it, equally, with venturing forward into the world of neoclassical and contemporary choreography to balance our performances onstage.

Don Quixote will begin our performance season in March at the Esplanade. This production blazed into our repertoire in 2014 for the first time and to bring it back to our audiences, now with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, is a privilege. As we all acknowledge that children are our future, we always have our children’s ballet series, Peter and Blue, waiting for us, in May, to introduce young audiences to the magic of dance. In July, we return to Fort Canning Park to bring two of the most spectacular weekends of dance with our iconic Ballet Under the Stars.

The second half of the year brings back our ever-changing repertoire in the Masterpiece in Motion series, featuring ballets by two absolute masters in choreography, with ballets from George Balanchine and Choo-San Goh. Passages Contemporary Season, always our strongest new repertory season, welcomes Lucas Jervies, from The Australian Ballet, to make a new work of us. Our 2019 season will conclude at the Esplanade Theatre, with the classical ballet masterpiece, Swan Lake. It is considered to be a touchstone of classical ballet as a landmark masterpiece, and we are proud that SDT possesses a production of such great authority and beauty.

One of the strongest parts of the mission of SDT has always been the development of new choreography, and to that end, we have premiered 29 world premieres and 20 company premieres in the last several years. Now, it is time to reflect on these achievements, and bring back to our audiences all that is special in our extensive repertoire. The company was conceived to give our audiences memorable experiences and it continues till this day as our core mission. The brilliance and beauty of dance, as an art form, is there, timelessly, to share with our audiences and create anticipation for what is ahead.