Adult Dance Class – Beginners I

This 8 week class with a progressive syllabus is suitable for parties who have no prior knowledge of ballet. The Beginners class aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge of basic ballet technique which will enable them to proceed on to Beginners Level II or Level I after the 8 weeks. Students will learn basic ballet terminology and basic movement for barre work leading into centre work.

Saturday Class @ 10am

(Registration is OPEN)

5th August

12th August

19th August

26th August

2nd September 

9th September 

16th September

23rd September 

Saturday Class @ 12pm

(Registration is CLOSED)

22nd July

29th July

5th August

12th August

19th August

26th August

2nd September

9th September 

Sunday Class @ 12pm

(Registration is OPEN)

30th July

6th August

13th August

20th August

27th August

3rd September

10th September

17th September

Registration for Term 4 has opened! Please call Singapore Dance Theatre at 6338 0611 for registration and payment. Enrolment is based on a first pay first serve.

Am I too old start to start Ballet?

  • Definitely not! Especially if you are physically able to and willing to try
  • Our classes cater to adults and working professionals with an age range of students from 20s to 40s
  • Students below the age of 16 are NOT PERMITTED to take Adult Dance Classes as the classes are catered to adults and working professionals only.

How long is a class?

  • It is 90 minutes long. 

What should I wear?

  • Simple and comfortable. A simple leotard and a pair of tights or leggings / tight sweat pants or shorts paired with a tank top or t-shirt (men) with ballet slippers would best be recommended.

 How can we register and make payment?

  • Please click on the “REGISTRATION TAB”
  • Please approach our customer service officers or call 6338 0611 for payment
  • Beginners 1 participants MUST register and paid for before the start of term.

Is there a term?

  • Beginners 1 runs for 8 weeks to give the amateur dancer the basic fundamentals and technique of classical ballet. The adult dancer can then choose to progress onto Beginner 2 or repeat for another term of Beginners 1.

What if I need to miss class?

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to refund any missed classes or permit a makeup class in the event that the Beginners 1 student cannot make it.

Beginners 1 Term Fees

$160per term
  • Missed classes would not be refunded or replaced with a makeup class.
  • Please call SDT at 6338 0611 for payment.