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Dance Appreciation Series: Swan Lake

11 October 2015

Sunday, 4pm

Esplanade Concert Hall


As a lead up to Singapore Dance Theatre’s 2015 season finale performance, Swan Lake, we have condensed this classic into an hour special for young audiences! A ballet catered for all ages, Swan Lake tells the story of undying love, a cruel twist of fate, and the promise of devotion.

Come dressed in your favourite character costumes and get to take photographs with the cast after the show!


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Passages Contemporary Season

30 October - 1 November 2015

Goodman Arts Centre

30 Oct: 7.30pm
31 Oct: 3pm, 7.30pm
1 Nov: 3pm


Be inspired by innovative choreography at Passages Contemporary Season, Singapore Dance Theatre’s annual Contemporary Season.

A 3-day only showcase, Singapore Dance Theatre will present a medley of contemporary dance works. Featuring three new creations by local choreographers Max Chen, Gigi Gianti, and Swiss-Canadian choreographer Kinsun Chan, as well as the ever-compelling contemporary piece, 4Seasons, by Natalie Weir.


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one @ the ballet

Next Session: The Arc of a Dancer's Career


17 October 2015, Saturday, 1pm-215pm

SDT Studios @ Bugis+ Mall, Level 7


This particular One @ the Ballet will examine the arc of a professional dancer's career from student through their performing career. How long does it take to train a dancer to professional status and what elements defines a successful talent? What are the rewards in a dancing career? What do dancers do once they retire from performing? Every dancer makes a unique and personal journey through a professional career and we will attempt to unravel some of the mystery surrounding their attraction to dance as an art form.


Email to register or if you have any queries.


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all-new in the wings:

the life of a dancer

2 Oct: All-new interviews with Ruth Austin and Peter Allen

Get to know our dancers better. This week, we re-introduce you to Artists Ruth Austin and Peter Allen, with new questions answered.


07 Aug: All-new interviews with Xu Lei Ting and Huo Liang







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