Held once a month on a Saturday, One @ the Ballet was initiated in 2009 as an in-studio dance presentation which aims to break the barrier created by the stage, bringing audience one step closer to the dancers. These part-narrative sessions conducted by Artistic Director Janek Schergen will explore a wide spectrum of dance topics which will enable individuals gain a greater insight into the world of dance. From something as detailed as the little rituals dancers perform before they go onstage, to the creative process a choreographer undergoes to create a new work, the audience can expect to enhance their knowledge of dance and also watch our dancers up close and personal as they perform excerpts from our main performance seasons.


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1pm -215pm

Venue: Singapore Dance Theatre Founder’s Studio
Fee: $12 Per Person

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Please note that children aged 3 and below will not be admitted.

2019 One @ the Ballet Schedule

16 November 2019
Swan Lake

Swan Lake is the most well-known of all ballets and probably the most misunderstood. We will explore some of the history and myth associated with this remarkable work. The SDT dancers will show segments of two different acts of the full four act work. SDT first performed the full ballet in December 2007 and, since then, the ballet has become a significant part of the company’s repertoire. Repeated viewings of a work such as this deepen the appreciation of such a masterpiece. Different casts bring out multiple aspects of the character of this particular ballet so this will be the basis of our One @ the Ballet session.

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26 January 2019
Behind the Front Curtain

To begin the year of One @ the Ballet, we will take you behind the curtain to showcase different aspects of the training, creation of a ballet and on to performance aspects. All the elements of choreography, music, set, costume design, as well as choice of repertoire in each of our six annual seasons will be part of the discussion. Special sections of ballets that are presently in rehearsal will be shown as part of the process. As always, an SDT dancers will be interviewed for our audience’s enlightenment.


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16 February 2019
Don Quixote

Don Quixote, originally choreographed by Marius Petipa, has become well known as a classical ballet of a unique sort. The music for the ballet is by Ludwig Minkus and the story is drawn from the famous tale of Cervantes. It was first created for the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. We’ll give you a glimpse of the production in rehearsal with its elaborate costumes and props before it goes on stage.


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23 March 2019
The Arc of A Dancer’s Career

We will examine the arc of a professional dancer’s career from student through their performing career. How long does it take to train a dancer to professional status and what elements define a successful talent? What are the rewards in a dancing career? What do dancers do once they retire from performing? All these questions will be asked and answered. SDT’s Scholars will perform and SDT dancers will contribute with sections of ballets being prepared for performance.


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27 April 2019
Dance, The Noble Art

As Mr. Balanchine once said “I do not want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance”.  Dancers are a unique and beautiful breed of artists. A person who has trained and danced professionally will forevermore describe themselves first and foremost “I am a dancer”. How they prepare and progress to professional status, why they choose to pursue careers in dance, as well as their life of rehearsal, performances and touring is all part of the rewards of a life of a dancer. This One @ the Ballet will focus on the special quality that dancers share with each other as friends and artists. The trust and bonds that dancers share is demonstrated in the segments of ballets presented for this session


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25 May 2019
Ballet 101

The heritage and history of ballet is a story that is worth telling and how the outgrowth of modern dance morphed into contemporary dance and dance theatre is part of this dialogue. What is it that has led classical ballet and contemporary dance to be considered to be one of the most respected of the international fine arts alongside literature, music and drama? You will have an opportunity to observe the dancers in class and in a brief rehearsal session in this special segment of One @ the Ballet.


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22 June 2019
Music and Movement

Dance has a long and completely intertwined history with music and composers for hundreds of years. Famous musicians like Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, and Minkus have all made works especially designed for dance. Ballet’s history has compositions that were created originally for famous ballets and went on to become well known for their memorable beauty. The relationship between dance and music, how dancers “count” and remember phrases of choreography, will all be part of our focus for this unique One @ the Ballet.


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27 July 2019
George Balanchine

George Balanchine is regarded as one of the most important choreographic innovators in history. He was the co-founder, ballet master in chief and choreographer of the New York City Ballet. Balanchine led NYCB into becoming one of the most important ballets institutions in the world. Mr. Balanchine’s masterpieces have been performed by every major ballet company in the world and a Balanchine repertoire is a hallmark of excellence. We have been fortunate to add seven of his most well-known ballets to our repertoire. Two of his most iconic works, Theme and Variations and Serenade will be the highlight of this season.


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31 August 2019
The Private World of Ballet

The distinctive personal perspective and goals of each individual dancer is a rare and special thing. How does it feel to be given your first professional contract? What goes through a dancer’s mind just before entering the stage? What does being cast in a ballet that you always hoped for about do to you? Interviews with many of the SDT dancers, over a wide variety of dancer topics, will reveal the myriad of hopes, dreams and satisfactions that dance has given to them. Some of the most iconic ballets in our repertoire being prepared for our touring performances will highlight this unique edition of One @ the Ballet.


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28 September 2019
Choreographic Legacy

The most important and defining factor of any dance company is the works of choreography they present. A dance company’s repertoire is composed of ballets that last for years, balanced by more ephemeral pieces that fill a more specific moment in time in the repertoire. The choice of how to use specific pieces of choreography to build SDT’s dancer’s presence on stage and enrich the audience’s appreciation of dance as an art form will form the centerpiece of this session. Dancing multiple works by the same choreographer can define an overall style to the repertoire. We will explain the influence a skilled choreographer can have over a repertory.


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19 October 2019
Costume Extravaganza

There is so much imagination and creativity to the design and detail of costumes for dance that it is considered its own unique art form. Costumes can be elaborate or sleek, contemporary or period, but always, in some way, related to the aspects of dance determined by the choreography of each individual ballet. This One @ the Ballet will explain how ballet slippers, pointe shoes, rehearsal clothes and costumes are part of the magic of the ballet world, as well how costumes are differently constructed for dance. Costumes, tiaras and decorative headpieces from ballets in our repertoire will be on display. SDT dancers will be shown in rehearsal of ballets presently being prepared for performance.

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2020 One @ the Ballet Schedule

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