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Date: 14 – 17 March 2013

Time: 14 & 15 March – 8pm
          16 March – 1pm, 8pm
          17 March – 1pm, 7pm

Venue: esplanade theatre

TICKETS: Evening Performance - $90, $70, $50, $30 (Students/Senior Citizens/NSF enjoy 20% discount off all categories for evening performances)

Matinee Performance - $70, $50, $30

various discount schemes available

Tickets available through SISTIC Early Bird Sale 17 January – 21 February


A light-hearted and humorous ballet, Coppélia opens the 2013 Season from March 14 - 17 to celebrate SDT’s 25th Silver Anniversary. Based on the book by Charles Nuitter, after E.T.A. Hoffman's "Der Sandmann", this vibrant three-act ballet features a new staging by Artistic Director Janek Schergen with choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon and music by Leo Delibes. Let the drama and magic sweep you away as the young villager Franz incurs the wrath of his jealous girlfriend, Swanilda, and gets embroiled in the hilarious delusions of an eccentric toy maker, Dr Coppélius.

Probably one of the best-known and most performed comedy ballets, Coppélia promises fun, laughter and enjoyment for the family!



Dr Coppélius is a mysterious toymaker who has made the beautiful life-sized doll, Coppélia, to be his companion and secretly dreams of bringing her to life. Franz, a handsome young villager, betrothed to Swanilda, is charmed by Coppélia’s beauty and becomes infatuated with her, unaware that she is just a doll. 


Act 1 – A Village in Galicia

The story begins as the burgomaster presents a new bell for the village and reminds all that the following day will be the harvest festival at which Franz, Swanilda and other couples’ marriages will be celebrated. On learning that Swanilda and Franz have quarrelled, he produces an ear of wheat and suggests they prove the old legend true – if it rattles, his love is true. When Swanilda shakes the wheat, it remains silent. Swanilda is duly disappointed but she is soon dancing with her friends again. By evening, the lovers are reconciled.


Later, Dr Coppélius leaves the house and is intercepted by a group of rowdy youths. After a brief skirmish, they depart and he continues on his way, unaware that he has dropped his key. Swanilda and her friends chance upon the incident and decide to enter his house using the key to meet Coppélia. Meanwhile, Franz devises a plan to meet Coppélia by climbing up onto Dr Coppélius’ balcony with a ladder.


Act 2 – Dr CoppÉlius’s Workshop

Swanilda and her friends warily enter the toymaker’s workshop but delightfully discover that the beautiful Coppélia is just one of the many charming automatons created by Dr Coppélius.

Dr Coppélius returns and drives away all the intruders, except for Swanilda who is trapped in an alcove. Franz then appears on the balcony and enters the room stealthily. Dr Coppélius drinks with Franz until Franz falls into a slumber. He attempts to transfer Franz’s ‘life-force’ to the doll, which appears to come to life. Not realizing that Swanilda has taken the doll’s place, he is overjoyed at his apparent success. But Dr Coppélius is dismayed when Franz revives and all becomes clear. Franz and Swanilda reconcile and they run out, leaving the disillusioned Dr Coppélius alone.


Act 3 – The Square of the Town

The villagers assemble for the harvest festival and to celebrate the weddings of the couples. Dr Coppélius storms out of the house in anger and the burgomaster pacifies him with money. The festivities continue and there is a series of dances and a pas de deux between Franz and Swanilda.







Swanilda             Rosa Park/Chihiro Uchida
Franz                  Timothy Coleman/Kenya Nakamura
Dr Coppélius        Janek Schergen













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