Ambassadors' Circle



The Ambassadors’ Circle is Singapore Dance Theatre’s (SDT) specially designed group for ballet and dance connoisseurs who are among the most dedicated friends of the company.


Members both have a passion for dance and a desire to contribute to Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) through supporting the acquisition of new works; boosting the company’s repertoire and enriching the ballet and cultural experience for the local audience. At the same time, these acquisitions will further SDT’s role as Singapore’s main ambassador for dance within the global arts scene.


The Ambassadors’ Circle enables its members to understand the need for sustaining and enhancing SDT’s repertoire. This eventually contributes to the overall appreciation of the company, its current performances, and future growth.


As a member of the Ambassadors’ Circle, you contribute because you want to see the company grow to greater heights in both the local and international dance scene. At the same time, you share our desire to carve a higher reputation for SDT while nurturing dancers through exquisite repertoire.


Ambassador's Circle 2017

The Ambassador’s Circle 2017 will be acquiring the company premiere of The Four Temperaments by George Balanchine through Ambassador’s Circle 2017, which will be performed at Masterpiece in Motion 2017. The Four Temperaments will be the eigth George Balanchine work that will be added into SDT’s repertoire, the other seven works being Rubies, Who Cares?, Concerto Barocco, Serenade, Allegro Brillante, , Divertimento No. 15, and Theme and Variations.


Building SDT’s Repertoire

The development and maturity of a professional dance company is reflected by its repertoire, in which constant additions of both newly acquired pieces and commissioned new works made especially for SDT are vital in ensuring its growth in artistry.


Each acquisition is carefully selected, as they aim to expand artistic and technical abilities of the company that is fully displayed along with each premiere, ol and new to further develop the work and at the same time enrich both new and returning audiences.


Bringing to stage a wide variety of exquisite masterpieces by choreographers who are highly regarded in the international dance arena will inspire new ideas and invigorate creativity beyond the company, to both local and international audiences.


Since its establishment in 2009, Ambassador’s Circle has brought in the following works:


2009: Concerto Barocco by George Balanchine
Set to Bach’s Concerto in D minor for Two Violins, Concerto Barocco is an example of George Balanchine’s love of a dialogue between movement and music.


2010: Serenade by George Balanchine
Serenade has come to be considered as the signature piece of the New York City Ballet and is one of Balanchine’s most widely performed works.


2011: Fearful Symmetries by Nils Christe
Fearful Symmetries has incredible drive and is high voltage. This piece has an element of “travelling”, or going somewhere.


2012: Age of Innocence by Edwaard Liang
Age of Innocence was created for Joffrey Ballet in 2008. This piece is inspired by the novels of Jane Austen and the women of her era.


2013: Theme and Variations by George Balanchine
Theme and Variations is a grand masterpiece and was intended, as Balanchine wrote: “to evoke that great period in classical dancing when Russian ballet flourished with the aid of Tchaikovsky’s music”.


2014: Swipe by Val Caniparoli
Swipe is a high octane piece that requires ballet’s precision, the curve and attack of earthborne steps and the relaxed ease of walking; presented in all fluency.


2015: Passages Contemporary Season
For the first-time ever, the Ambassador’s Circle 2015 acquired an entire season, featuring three brand new works – Sticks and Stones by Kinsun Chan, Bliss by Gigi Gianti, and Incandescent Dream by Max Chen.

2016: Symphony in Three Movements by Nils Christe

Symphony in Three Movements was Christe's fourth work with the company. Inspired by the emotions and stories during World War Two, this piece evokes a sense of ache and longing during a time of war.

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