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These 90-minute classes are predominantly designed for adults of all ages and abilities. Whether you have absolutely no prior training, or have years of dance experience, we have the perfect class for you. Rekindle your love for dance with four class levels to choose from – Beginners, Level I, Level II and Level III. In addition, some classes will be taught by our very own artists of Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT).


Beginners Level 1 Course is created especially for adult students who do not have prior training in Ballet dance. It is an 8-lesson class taught progressively over 8 weeks which prepare students for higher class levels. Students who would like to attend Beginners class will need to register for the class.

Beginners Level II, Levels I, II & III classes are conducted in an open-class format which do not require students to make prior registration before attending the class. These classes do not follow a progressive syllabus and they are available throughout the year. Students will have the flexibility to attend any class of their choice, regardless of level, day and timing, without having to worry about following up from the previous session.



ADC Classes


Adults Dance Class (ADC) offers 5 levels of classes to suit your preference and knowledge of ballet technique:

Beginners Level I course

This 8 week class with a progressive syllabus is suitable for parties who have no prior knowledge of ballet. The Beginners class aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge of basic ballet technique which will enable them to proceed on to Beginners Level II or Level I after the 8 weeks. Students will learn basic ballet terminology and basic movement for barre work leading into centre work.


Beginners level II & Levels I - III

BEGINNERS LEVEL II- Suitable for parties who have completed at least 6 out of 8 lessons from Beginners Course Level 1. The session will comprise barre and centre work.


Level I - Suitable for parties who have prior basic knowledge of ballet technique. The session will comprise barre work, beginning level center work, pirouettes and jumps.

Level II - Suitable for parties who have substantial knowledge of ballet technique. The session will comprise barre work, center work including adagio, pirouettes, beginning petit allegro and grand allegro.

Level III -
Suitable for parties who have advanced knowledge of ballet technique. The session will comprise barre work, complex combination in center including adagio, pirouettes, petit allegro and grand allegro.

Registration is not required for Beginners II, Level I – III and students can refer to our timetable and attend any of these classes of their choice. However, please note that class vacancies are on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that the class is full, priority will be given to those who arrive early.

Do check the timetable for the lesson schedule and latest updates.

Trial Class

New students who are unsure whether the class is suitable for you, can opt for a Trial Class. This enables you to try out a class of any level before deciding to commit to purchasing an 8 or 16 lesson prepaid ADC card.


ADC Prepaid Card

We adopt a prepaid credit-based card system for our ADC classes in which students can use for payment of classes. Each credit entitles you to take one class and students will have to bring their ADC card to every class that they are attending. In the event that you forget to bring your card, you will have to purchase a trial card ($25 Cash Payment Only) from the reception counter.

The fees are as follows:


Adult Dance Class Card



8 Credits



16 Credits


Trial Card


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To Purchase Your Card


All class cards (including trial cards) can be purchased at the SDT office reception counter. Our friendly Customer Service Officers will assist to process your payment.


The front counter will be open from Mon - Fri 10.00am - 9.00pm and Sat & Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm,

Closed on Public Holidays. (Operating hours subjected to changes)



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to your premises?

What are your office hours?

What exactly is Ballet?

Am I too old to start learning ballet?

What attire should I come in?

How can we register and make payment?

Do you have any classes in the day?

Are there any syllabus or exams?

Do I need to be in full attire if I am coming for a trial class?

How many lessons are there in a term?


Should you have additional queries, kindly contact our office at 6338-0611 (Mon – Fri, 9am to 6pm).

Our Education and Outreach team will assist you on your queries. Please email


1) How do I get to your premises?


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Singapore Dance Theatre Ltd
201 Victoria Street, Bugis +
Singapore 188067


    • Nearest MRT is Bugis.
    • From the MRT station, take the Bugis Junction Exit
    • Take the escalator up to level 2 of Bugis Junction
    • Follow signs to Bugis+ Mall, there will be a linkway between the 2 malls
    • Take the lift to level 7 of Bugis+ Mall (there are 2 lift lobbies on each side of the mall)




2) What are your office hours?


  • Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm
  • Our customer service officers will be at the front desk from 10.00am - 9.00pm.



3) What exactly is Ballet?


  • A classical dance form demanding highly developed technique
  • Ballet is best known for its virtuoso techniques such as multiple pirouttes and grand allegro, grand pas de deux, and high leg extensions
  • Ballet aims to improve posture, flexibility and grace through barre and centre work


4) Am I too old to start learning ballet?


  • Definitely not! Especially if you are physically able to and willing to try
  • Our classes cater to adults and working professionals with an age range of students from 20s to 40s


5) What attire should I come in?


Simple and comfortable. A simple leotard and a pair of tights or leggings / tight sweat pants or shorts paired with a tank top or t-shirt (men) with ballet slippers would best be recommended.


6) How can we register and make payment?


Please approach our customer service officers to purchase a trial card, 8-Lessons card or 16-lessons card.



7) Do you have any classes in the day?


We have daytime classes on weekends and evening weekday classes.



8) Are there any exams or is there a syllabus?


No, classes are progressive and non-syllabus based.



9) Do I need to be in full attire if I am coming for a trial class?


We advise that you come in recommended attire – refer to Q6 but if you are unable to do so, you can come in anything you are comfortable in and can stretch in e.g. track pants and a tank top.


10) How many lessons are there in a term?


There are no definite number of lessons for each level as classes are progressive and non-syllabus based. Progression would be advise by the respective instructors subsequently. However, students could also opt to join in other classes (higher or lower level), should they feel that they are over-qualified / under-qualified in the current level.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All classes are open classes and non-syllabus based. Each class duration is 90 minutes.

  2. Beginner’s Class Registration is on a first-come-first serve basis only.

  3. A fee of $25.00 will be charged per trial class through the purchase of a trial card. In the event that a student forgets to bring the card, a trial card will have to be purchased for that particular lesson.

  4. All payments for cards are non-refundable.

  5. Classes are valid for six months from the date of issue. To extend the expiry date by two further months, please make payment of $25 at our counter.  

  6. SDT reserves the right to change class schedule or instructor when necessary.

  7. Enrolment constitutes acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions. Amendments may be made without prior notice at the sole discretion of Singapore Dance Theatre Ltd.



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